Turn a Spring Cleaning Into a Spring Windfall

A guide on where to sell your excess clothing, furniture, books, and tech in 2019.

I have spent the past year doing an extended spring cleaning. My kids have moved out and my single person house had enough stuff in it for three people. There were things I wasn’t using in every room. An extra couch in the basement. A kitchen table, a second vacuum, closets full of clothes that were left behind.

Walking through the house looking at all those things that only got touched when I dusted them was tiring and a little depressing. Having all those unused things was weighing down my whole life somehow. It was time to put my house on a weight loss program!

The financial benefits of divesting

Lots of things had already put in a lifetime of use and wouldn’t have been of interest to anyone. However, there were also all kinds of things that still looked fresh and only slightly or not so very used. They could certainly spend a few years with another family in another home. I knew I could sell a lot of things but the question was where. In case you’re in the process of a spring clean, here are some answers!


ThredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store. Once you sign up with them you will receive a “Clean Out bag” to ship your clothes for free. You’ll get 80% of the resale value per item. You should be aware, they usually only take about 40% of what they receive. If you pay a $10.99 return fee they will send back what they reject, otherwise it will be donated to a charity partner.

Check out these 24 places to sell clothes online for cash from Well Kept Wallet.


Letgo is a virtual furniture shop that can be accessed online or through their app. The site uses a photo gallery to organize their listings by category. Letgo is only the beginning. If you’ve got furniture or appliances to sell, Dollarsprout has collected 14 options for you to choose from.


Books were some of the hardest things for me to part with. I separated out the ones I thought I might read again and with great difficulty put the rest into the “to sell” pile. Hard as it was to do, once the books were gone, I didn’t really miss them. Bookriot put together this list of the six best place to sell books online and in person.


With the departure of two kids, I can’t begin to tell you how much tech there was lying around here. From game consoles to CDS, DVDs and games to books, to old cell phones... decluttr was a handy, straightforward way to turn tech into cash. They offer free shipping and next day payments.

My house looks completely different now. It feels lightweight and liberated and I made enough money to give it a new paint job!

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