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We only accept clients who have met with a consultant in-person. Our trained debt specialist will review your budget, accounts, and options with you from the comfort of your kitchen table or another preferred meeting location.

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Check out your Smart Saver options and learn how much time and money you can save by partnering with us. Our team members leverage over a decade of debt settlement experience to tailor a successful plan.

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Begin making your reduced, single monthly payment into your savings account as soon as next week. We will communicate and negotiate with your creditors until all of your enrolled debt is taken care of.

Benefits of a life without debt

  • Greater peace of mind and a higher quality of life through reduced financial stress.

  • More control of your lifestyle. Eliminating debt gives you the freedom to work at a job you love or retire without debt eating up your retirement savings.

  • Being debt free may not automatically result in a peaceful life, but it can eliminate the constant worry about how you will juggle your finances. 

  • Free up cash that was previously going toward paying down your balances and break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck.

  • Freedom to invest in the things that matter, like a home or your child's education.

  • Check out our 'Life After Debt' tips to avoid building up debt after graduation.


About Us

Save Source LLC, is a service-driven debt resolution company that offers an innovative approach to resolve debts for consumers faced with hardship. We are dedicated to bringing the highest level of customer service to the marketplace and to educating consumers about their financial situation.


Our partners have over a decade of experience in debt resolution, consumer protection, and customer service. Through our parent company, Olive Branch Lending, LP., we've launched Save Source Direct to better meet the needs of the millions of Americans facing the challenges of debt. The new Save Source approach offers consumers a more human experience and expanded choices in settling their unsecured credit card debt.

Since there is no 'one size fits all' for solving the American debt crisis, this new approach gives each family a custom solution to manage their financial situation. To date, our partners have settled over $10 million in debt since 2007; freeing clients from the heavy burden and cycle of compounding interest. We believe this approach is more important than ever since there is no end in sight for the debt crisis and a recession may be around the corner.

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